Relationship problems during lockdown

Our do’s and don’ts while stuck at home

Relationship problems during lockdown.
Home sweet home

As it was clearly predictable, the actual situation would cause a lot of relationship problems during lockdown.
Since at least the Instagram community seems to separate clearly into two teams during the Covid19 lockdown-
by means one team is called:
“we arguing a lot during quarantine” and  the other one: “we’re enjoying the time together”
we decided now to write a blogpost about our experience with the lockdown during the Corona Covid19 Virus.

And that’s why we don’t argue. …or at least rarely.

Let it go

Yes, every relationship, even ours, has its running gags. Or maybe better constantly reappearing discussions about the same bullshit. It occurs preferably after the consume of alcohol, in stress situations or during quarantine. But in this case, just let it go.
There is no point to discuss right now – once again.

And what are we doing now?

Aga and me do a lot together, what is great.
Especially because we like the same stuff.
But my energy to do, create, renovate, discuss, play, watch and talk goes way beyond her’s. (Like it would to everybody else too…)
So I really try to respect her quiet times, let her sleep, reading her books and building her puzzles (until Charlie destroys them).
She just needs time for herself. That’s it.
That’s why I also do many things by myself.
I never outgrew my ADHS and I need to be active, productive and outside. Because if not – well let’s not talk about this.
Aga knows me very well and lets me go.
I can renovate the house while she watches TV and she doesn’t mind me starting massive projects right before dinner.
Be and let be.

I do something nice for you and you do something nice for me

Noooo, of course it is not about expectations. It’s more about healthy behaviour.
Aga brings me Diet Coke from the groceries store (even if she doesn’t like me to drink this stuff – but I love it), while I take her favourite  blanket to the picknick, even if another one would be much comfy.
In the end it’s not an easy time.
Treat each other.

Let’s do something together – or not?

Since we stopped working on the 16. of March, we’re basically stuck at home.
And we immediately knew, that it would be for long.
So we started to look around for things to do at home.
And yeah, of course we spent quite some money on games, knitting stuff, puzzles etc.
While some of them were really entertaining for both of us – some turned out less compatible.
Even when we planned to puzzle “The view of Helsinki” in 1000 pieces together, I lost directly all motivation after I saw how many 1.000 pieces actually are.
On the other hand Aga also never started to knit with me yet…but let’s see, how long we will keep on sitting at home 😀

Home sweet home

Duties at home have never been an issue with us.
Probably because we’re both very clean and happy to keep our home neat.
But somehow we always kinda shared responsibilities.
While Aga is the master over the kitchen and the closet, I take care of our plants, balcony, storage and a clean bathroom.
We like to have our own departments.

Okay when it comes to cooking things are different.
Aga is a great cook, and I don’t like cooking at all.
So in 9 out of 10 cases is it Aga who prepares the meals.

But I try to make up with the dishes, getting the groceries, cleaning the litter box and occasionally cooking experiments to treat my lady.

Netflix, Xbox, TV and so…

it’s not really necessary to recommend to share the power over those entertainment sources.

We always do fun stuff together

yes, the restaurants are closed and people have to keep distance.
But that doesn’t mean, that you have to stay home all the time.
We use the good weather and go out for picknick , sports, walks and so on. We always find something cool to do.
Cos, if we’re already forced by the situation to take our holidays, so why not doing something cool with it?

For more inspiration check out our fun things to do during quarantine!

Thoughts about international relationships

after reflecting problems that are more likely to occur in international relationships based of the language barrier, we are in a relatively luxury position.
Even Aga speaks a decent German, we chose immediately English as the language to communicate in our relationship.
Simply for the reason, to have a fair base for arguments. None of us is weaker or stronger by native speaker advantage.

Nevertheless it’s great that Aga understands my German jokes and all the funny quotes I know in my language!

It’s not the first time we’re locked down…

Correct, we’re basically lock down professionals 😀
We had our first lock down situation in the beginning of 2018 in Switzerland, where we went for a skiing season job and ended up broke and unemployed in an empty apartment.
Since then we know, relationship problems during lockdown can be more intense than in other situations, but hell yeah, we did it!
Without internet and so much snow, that all the lifts were closed.
Guys, if you think quarantine with Netflix and Take Away Food is bad, switch off your Internet just for one day 😀

Cheers to that!

What is your experience with relationship problems during lockdown? We would love to hear your story in the comments below!

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