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Love Not Hate – Platform Six Shoes

Starting our Instagram journey did not only connect us to amazing LGBTQIA+ couples around the world, but also gave us the chance to meet and work together with bold entrepreneurs and their amazing small businesses.

If Aga and I have to choose between a big and a small brand we always go for the small one.
Because we’re deeply impressed by the love and the passion that people put into following their dreams.

Even if it seems undoable – yet, they make it happen.

Especially during those hard times, it’s so important to support small businesses, because it’s a way to look out and to look after each other.

If we don’t care for each other, who does?

Today we introduce some of our favourite small brands, that we’ve been working together this year.

Maybe you will find your fall-must-have and support with your purchase someones else’s dream!

Anna Grunduls Design


Let’s start with our first small business collaboration in 2020.

Anna designs amazing adult coloring pieces.
Illustrating has a very special place in her heart, because she is so grateful that her art spreads fun and joy between people and around the globe.
Her goal is to create more than just a coloring page.
She aims to motivate people to create art, that they cherish and display.

But between creating, motherhood, building her own brand and the pandemic it has never been easy for her.

“At the beginning of March, I panicked and I panicked hard.
You see, I was not only afraid for my family, I was also afraid for my dream – come – true handmade business.
I knew very well, that when tough times come, small businesses face the ultimate test- and I’ve never been this scared of a test before…

I drowned myself in work, cried the ugly tears, cut expenses…and yet, every day I’ve put my game face on.
I knew very well, that running a business is a gamble and I was still holding some of the cards…
Because every single order means so much to me, that I take selfies with your outgoing packages.

My camera roll is full and my heart is full of gratitude.”

Anna takes selfies of all her orders that she ships out!

Rainbow Certified


When Rachael and Sarah reached out to us about working together, we had no idea what to expect, but of course we said YES!
We definitely can’t remember that we ever met anyone being so active engaging (and sooo cute) with the community like those two sunshines.

In such a short time they managed, that all our small international LGBTQ community knows the name of their cozy brand.
And btw. we love our jumpers so much!!!!

Rainbow Certified started off with two girls falling in love. Rachael Newby and Sarah Couvillon met in the Canadian rockies last summer and have since relocated to Aston Clinton, in Buckinghamshire.

They both had the same vision – ‘create a clothing line that was inclusive for everyone and for something everyone could be proud to wear.’

When they began their market research in December 2019 they noticed a large absence of pride/LGBTQ+ clothing within the fashion industry and they wanted to change that – immediately!

Each design is created with lots of passion, love and heart felt originality to become what it is today.

Their idea was simple, create a brand that was fun, funky and equal. A brand that would make everyone smile & that would also support the LGBTQ+ community and that’s exactly what they did.

LBT Adult Boutique 


Lauren and Elmira thought that most of the sex toys that you can buy in regular shops aren’t very interesting for a lesbian couple, so they decided to create their own!
Online and offline, they have been working 24/7 and even though the pandemic didn’t make it easy for them they managed to open their own business by the 31.08.2020.

In spite of all they made it happen!

We are an international lesbian couple-turned-business partners, with a passion for women’s health and wellness. We created @lbtadultboutique to promote healthy attitudes and practices in sex and intimate pleasure for womxn. We found that the LGBTQIA community is under- and mis-represented in adult stores both in retail stores and online, so we wanted to change that!

We tested over 100 toys and handpicked our favourite products, selecting only safe, medical – and good – grade silicone toys and other items to spice up your playtime. We’re also making an effort to maintain sustainable business practices, through our recyclable cardboard packaging, with a recyclable brown paper outer wrapping for shipping, and handmade cotton bags in lieu of plastic enclosures.

Platform Six


First things first – nobody knows the two ladies behind this brand.

They decided to run their business anonymously.
So it’s a little mystery – but even we might not know the names (YET!) but, we do get a feeling for those passionate girls, that follow their dream and created a badass project!

We are two girls born and raised in Australia and we started Platform Six because we wanted to make a classic go-to piece (sneakers) that people could wear on a daily basis to feel empowered to express themselves.

Our sneakers are a manifestation of our beliefs that no matter your gender, sexual orientation, or identity, all people have the fundamental right to love and happiness.
We both were brought up to be generous even when we didn’t have much.
If we could help someone in need we we would.
We believe that what you choose to purchase and wear can make a difference.
All materials that are used are vegan and with every pair of Platform Six sneakers sold, 10% of proceeds are donated to your choice of two important charities.

At this point it’s important for us to let you know, that we love to support small businesses.
Are you following your dream already?

Even if your parents and friends keep on telling you, that it will be too hard, the competition is too big or it’s too much work?

Don’t listen, just go for it!

We hope we could inspire you with some stories of amazing creators!

To say it with Anna’s words:

Running a business is a gamble, and you are holding the cards!

If you can dream it – you can do it!
Don’t let anyone stop you from making it happen!

And so you know: if you have a small business (or if you know someone who needs some media attention):
Aga and I are always happy to support dreams.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Teamwork makes the dream work!


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