We still love the Netherlands.

Why Amsterdam?

When we met, I was working as a scuba diving instructor in the Caribbean and Aga was on a world trip, with a home base in Berlin.
After six months in a LDR Aga booked a one-way ticket to Curacao and we moved together.

Even we enjoyed our adventures and our lives on the most beautiful beaches, eventually we felt the urge to build a home together.

But where?

Since we were both used to a nomadic lifestyle, we were more or less open any destination, in Europe, to settle for our future life.

While talking about a possible future in Sweden or Norway, we had by coincidence a layover in Amsterdam and decided out of a spontaneous situation to move to the Netherlands.

I think the original conversation was, Aga saying: “Amsterdam is also a nice city. I could see myself here.”
And me answering:
“Okay, why not”

To cut a long story short, on the 26. of June 2018 we arrived in the Netherlands, for good.

Now it’s almost two years and we have to say, Amsterdam always treated us well.

More and more we fell in love with the beautiful nature of the Netherlands, the Dutch way of life and the stunning view on one of the greatest cities in Europe.

Since almost one year we share our love, our life and our adventures on our Instagram channel.

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We love the Netherlands!

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