Photography by Aga

Photography is the beauty of life captured

Hey there!

My name is Aga, and I’m glad you swing by my site, so I can share my passion for photography with you!

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera – Dorothea Lange

My whole life I was passionate about photography because it gives me the chance to capture the beauty of life, of people and last but not least of moments and conserve it forever.

On our Instagram I take all the pictures for our couple account but outside of social media I also love photographing landscapes, cities, children, animals and people.
I love to capture a moment, a smile, a intimate interaction, without the awarenesses of me and my camera.

Who doesn’t want to have pictures of their wedding, christening, or engagement, that aren’t posed, but natural, seeming like you’re just present in the moment.

I’m not a big talker in front of the camera, neither am I a big writer, but you can be sure, that I’m a good fun to be around.
But if you meet me in person, be ready, that we don’t only take pics, but also gonna have a lot to laugh and to talk about.
I’m easy going, bubbly and I will always speak out loud, what just crossed my mind.

For questions or if you just want to say “Hello”, don’t hesitate and drop me a message at: