Working together

Welcome to our world!

We’re Lena and Aga, a lesbian couple, that loves travelling, food, and all the pretty sides of life!
We don’t take things too serious, we’re adventurous and always in for a good fun.

On our social media channels we share the beauty of life, our passion for food, luxury items, travel and all the small things that make us happy and our life colourful!

Lena is passionate about writing and marketing, while Aga is the creative head of our team.
She takes all the pictures and most of the videos, she loves editing and she never stops thinking out of the box,
to be creative, playful and of course colourful.

On our Instagram we work together with different brands, representing trends, products, restaurants, events, hotels and our travel destinations.

We promote small and big businesses in a unique and authentic way.

We only represent things, that we really stand for and our audience knows this.
That’s why they follow our blog and our social media channels.
We have a highly engaging LGBTQ audience from all around the world,
that values our opinions and enjoys us sharing our adventures.

What we do

  1. Social media management for your business
    from content plans to partial or full account management.
    We find your hashtags, create captions, schedule your posts, take care of your engagement and your dm’s.
    Get in touch to find the right plan for you and your business!

  2. Sponsored content on our blog and / or social media
    we represent your brand and your product with beautiful pictures, captions and we take care that it gets the maximum attention from a audience that truly cares.
    We offer brand ambassadorships, media collaborations, we host giveaways and we share discount links.
    Reach out for our rates!

  3. Tourism campaigns, press trips and destination marketing
    we love sharing our adventures on our platforms, we’re passionate about traveling, exploring and always open for new experiences.
    We represent our trips with beautiful pictures and / or detailed blog posts.

  4. Restaurant and hotel reviews
    our audience knows, that our biggest passion is food and wine.
    We love eating out and we can’t resist trying new places.
    Would you like us to review your restaurant or hotel?
    We’re happy to share sponsored reviews on our social media / blog

  5. Content creation (photography, videography, freelance copywriting, SEO optimised)
    If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to reach out.
    We make it happen!

  6. Social media consulting
    We make Instagram easy!
    If you have questions about hashtags, feed design, editing, how to pitch brand deals, or how to find the right influencer for your campaign,
    we’re happy to make an appointment for a consultation.

  7. Photography
    Would you like to book a photoshoot with Aga?
    She offers professional photoshoots for couples, properties, children, your restaurant or your products.
    Share your ideas with her and make it look good!

If you have any questions, ideas or if you just want to say “Hello”, drop us a message!