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It’s all about daily skin care routine, a sensitive skin and our experiences with the facetheory cosmetic line.

Skin care must-haves!

What says an influencer, that nobody cares about?!

“A lot of you have been asking for my daily skin care routine…”

That’s so not true.
Nobody has ever been asking for this (E-VER). Not even my own mom.
Nevertheless I would love to share our experiences with the facetheory cosmetic line with you.
Even I know you didn’t ask me for it in the past and probably you won’t do it in the future either.

And despite that our blog isn’t dedicated neither to cosmetics nor vegan alternatives, yet, we think we found something great.
And that’s what it’s about.
Sharing it with you.

To start with a confession:
I am already several years a vegan, but I literally never paid attention to my cosmetics, whether it’s vegan or at least cruelty free.

I just stuck in a very classy way to the expensive cosmetic brands, that I have already seen as a young girl, in my moms bathroom.
Using the old known upper-class products, that I used to admire on her shelves, made me feel somehow…
maybe let’s call it grown up and financially emancipated.
Well, you never fail with a classic choice.

By the end of the last year, we got the chance to work together for the first time with facetheory and to try some of their products.
And that was also our first experience with any kind of vegan skin care.
Since then we had more often the chance to collaborate with facetheory, and over the time we got to know quite a lot of their products.

Sensitive Skin

We both, but especially Aga has a very sensitive skin and we always need to be careful which products we use.
Unfortunately Aga tends to get spots while I struggle with miles deep under the skin and in the same time we both react sensitive on strong products and / or peelings.

So not a very good position to start with.
To cut a long story short, we both have to be extremely careful choosing products, that we use on a daily base.

Facetheory: Amil – C Whip SPF 20

we use this moisturiser in the morning, it’s light and it absorbs quickly, when we don’t have much time to get done with our skin care and makeup before work.

Definitely one benefit is the sun protection of 20, because, we’ve just been talking about, that 80% of the skin ageing happens in every day sun exposure (not even by the beach), if you remember.

It’s also supposed reduce redness and the pore size (something Aga keeps on struggling with).
So far, we couldn’t see a change in the pores, but, it definitely helped against redness AND and now comes the important part:

My miles disappeared. (I can’t and I won’t promise, that this works for you too, especially since it wasn’t indicated on the product description, but – for me it worked)

Usually I have to go to a professional facial treatment to get them out, but by using the Amil- C Whip, they just got soft and easy to remove with a tissue.

Amil C-Whip moisturiser and Ocuwake Eye Cream

Facetheory: Ocuwake Eye Cream EYE 1

we use the eye cream about once or twice per day, it’s brand new in the facetheory-line.
The latest eye-beautifying technology reduces dark circles and eye bags.
It’s a nice and light cream and it comes for an eye cream in a very big size (we like!)
but unfortunately for us it’s not “rich” enough as an “only” eye cream.
Since we’re not 24 years old anymore, (but don’t tell anyone ๐Ÿ˜€ ) we need something stronger.

Facetheory: Porebright Serum N10

Aga is always in for a pore treatment.
The light serum evens the skin appearance, works anti-inflammatory and combats clogged pores and acne.
It’s definitely something that works on a longer term and daily use.
Plus: we just love to pamper ourselves with serums.
We use it in combination with the Amil C Whip moisturiser, just 1 or 2 drops spread over the skin.

Porebright N10 Serum and Colloidal – C Anti Redness Toner T3

Facetheory: Colloidal-C Anti Redness Toner T3

We always use toner, after cleaning our faces and right before we apply the moisturiser.
It’s soothing liquid that reduces skin redness.
We really like this toner, as it is alcohol-free, it feels softer than similar toners that work on an alcoholic base, and it doesn’t irritate our sensitive skin.

Facetheory – Final Thoughts

The brand stands for clean skincare products, in an affordable price range.
The production is based in the UK, but you can order it worldwide.
The overall idea is to combine nature and science with a focus on problematic skin.

All the products are vegan and…that’s my favourite:

The packing is sustainable.

The majority of the line comes in super pretty amber glass jars with aluminium caps, what doesn’t only make them sustainable and easy to recycle, but also looking great in the bathroom.
And that’s very important too!

Have you tried facetheory or other vegan skin care before?
Now after you have heard our experiences with the facetheory cosmetic line
I would like to hear what you think!

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